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Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. using and We are a business located in the city of Prescott Arizona. Look through the site for popular items on sale. We are a manufacturer wholesaler and distributor having for sale here in Arizona a wide variety of fast-moving, popular fashion and fine jewelry. Join our worldwide client list of satisfied customers.

Our fashion jewelry process begins when we purchase the raw base metal products and then perform the gold and silver bonding procedure right here in the United States at our factory located in Prescott, Arizona.

No other company, anywhere, takes the time with such a quality process as we do. Our gold and silver bonding/plating is done with precision here in the United States and we exercise careful control over the quality of all our products

Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. is one of the few companies in the country whose quality control standards of gold bonding meets or exceeds Federal standards. Once finished with the gold (or silver) bonding process, the jewelry is then distributed directly to you.

This vertical integration under the umbrella of one entity, Sun Fashion Designs, gives you enormous cost savings over every other organization while maintaining the highest quality possible.

While is owned and operated by Sun Fashion Designs, the site is a separate entity, which provides to you individual attention.

With, you NEVER need to worry about:

Inflated Shipping Costs

When using a regular overseas company, shipping into the US can inflate your inventory costs nearly 17% or more. When you purchase from Sun Fashion Designs, there are no extra costs and you receive the savings!

Since we manufacture in such high volume and manage our own facilities, the dramatic savings are passed on to you! Therefore, you avoid the “minimum purchase requirements,” profit directly from our cost savings, and can even increase your price margins when you sell to your own client base.

Large Minimum Orders

Most manufacturers require a minimum order of 100 pieces per size and color of each item. While sometimes this cannot be avoided for custom orders, we have lowered the minimum requirement to make it more reasonable and feasible for you when placing initial and reorders.

This way, you are able to maximize your inventory investment by buying fewer pieces of many more and many different styles of product. Generally, we only require small minimums and a great number of our products have no minimum.

Payment and Trust Issues

It is common for manufacturers to require payment upfront via wire transfer. Most are trustworthy, but you lose cold, hard cash if they are dishonest; you then have no or little recourse.

When purchasing from Sun Fashion Designs, you are dealing with an American company and you have more security because you can feel confidant that
  • we adhere to American laws.
  • we have been around for more than 36 years.
  • we have more than 12,000 registered wholesale and drop-ship buyers.

Upfront payments for our orders are usually much less than to an overseas company because our minimum purchase requirement is less.

Cultural Differences

In our experience, overseas companies are not detail oriented. You need to specify every little detail, every single time you order. Need a 925 stamp and a company stamp? With a foreign company, you need to specify that every time! Need genuine turquoise instead of faux turquoise? You need to spell that out because it can be considered the same thing. There are many cultural differences that can end up causing you trouble. For example, someone from an overseas company may not realize that changing the stone size makes any difference.

With Sun Fashion Designs, Inc, you do NOT have to worry about this. We give you the best of both worlds: an American manufacturing company that has many subsidiary factories. We are here to make sure you get exactly what you require! With our unique vertical integration, we can give you lowest cost, the highest quality, and most importantly... peace of mind!