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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
How to Close Your Jewelry Sales
by Sylvyr Ravyn

How to Close your Jewelry Sales

You will have the Greatest Time Selling Sun Fashion Designs jewelry.  Let’s go through a few ideas about Selling the Jewelry to your Prospects and Customers.

Keep your Display beautiful.  Have fun changing the display.  When you change the display, your existing merchandise will appear new to your existing customers.  Be Creative!  Be ready to greet your prospects.  Have fun with them!  Everyone wants to talk about themselves.  At some point, start qualifying the prospective customer.  Ask, what are you looking for?  Never ask a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no!  Suggest that they look at some of your items: At least 50% of the people you speak to will be interested!  Never be discouraged when you hear a “No”.  That is the nature of sales.  You take a risk speaking to someone; expect some negative response; and be happy with the positive comments!  Sometimes just speaking to a prospect will make them think about buying something for themselves or as a gift.  Do make the effort to qualify the customer. Make the effort to approach anyone who passes your display to qualify them.

As with anything else, you want to convince the customer they need or will enjoy the jewelry for themselves, or as a gift.  A winning technique is to use a mirror and have the customer try on the jewelry.  Spend time with the Customer! Get to know them! Listen for an opportunity to satisfy or establish a need!  Notice that the Sales Reps on the jewelry TV shows often say: “Treat Yourself.”  Be sure to try to approach everyone.  You will be surprised at the additional Sales you will make!

Explaining the Jewelry

The jewelry is Bonded 24K and 14K Gold or, Sterling Silver Bonded jewelry.   The Sterling Silver Bonded jewelry is bonded 100 times with pure 99.7% Sterling Silver. The Gold is bonded 25 times with both 24K and 14K Gold.  We are proud to say that our Bonding Process is more durable than any other process being done today.  The gold is applied in a manner that is denser than any other process.  This is the reason that our jewelry lasts so much longer than any other.

Both the Gold Bonded and the Sterling Silver Bonded jewelry are sealed with a hypoallergenic, organic clear coating that enhances the durability of the jewelry.  In addition, each of our items comes with our Lifetime Guarantee, a replacement for life. 

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