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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
The Best Money Making Products Available
by Sylvyr Ravyn

The Best Money Making Products Available

Sell the Sizzle. Because the Value sustains the Claims you make!


What does a seasoned vendor order? What makes vendors spend more than ($2000) two thousand dollars for an order of the pendants and earrings featured in the pages of the Sun Fashion Designs catalog?


They know they can buy them by the dozen for as little as 55 cents or 66 cents each.  And they always buy them by the dozen!  And they are not necessarily selective on the styles they choose. They know they will sell them easily for a minimum of between $3 and $6 dollars each. And the vendors then “ask for” and then get the consumer to make the add-on sale of the chain.  Many of our chains cost between 55 cents and $2 each.  These the seasoned vendors sell for between $5 and 25 dollars each.


And they know they will always get more than 1 sale.  The experienced vendors always offer a deal:  1 chain and charm in a gold or silver foil box for $8.   They sell 2 sets for $15 and 3 sets for $21.   Being that the products are in a gold or silver fool box, the items are ready for gift giving.  What bargain hunter or savvy shopper can resist these values! These are just examples of how the experienced vendor runs a very successful and lucrative business. It is easy! They know that these pendants, charms and earrings are replicas of solid gold and silver products.


What to buy

Regardless of your religious belief, religious items like crosses and hearts sell every day of the year. Remember that young adults are falling in and out of love all the time.  So buy every heart in the book! Animals sell because they are cute.  And today, it is amazing how many young women are into the dollar sign ($), both pendant and earrings.


They know we produce these items, the consumer, your customer, will overlook the fact that they gold or silver bonded products.  Because the Sun Fashion products look so real your customer feels there is no need for the purchase of an expensive gold or silver product.  In fact your customer will feel even better that they have spent little money on a product that their family and friends will believe is solid gold or silver.


In any economy, we all want to feel and look good.  In this economy where the consumer worries about paying their essential bills they are not going to pay for fine jewelry for themselves let alone their children.  Gold is close to $1,460 an ounce. Since all precious metals, gold and silver, are very volatile, increasing or decreasing in price, how can the consumer in good conscience pay for the luxury of a precious metal!


But the desire to look and feel good and have friends and relatives recognize our status is an overwhelming drive that never leaves us. Today, the consumer is looking for value. These customers are the ones who will be so happy with the value they received that they will always return for more purchases.  They are grateful because they feel they have received a value from you.  Sun Fashion Designs products will always back you up with VALUE!  Use the Lifetime guarantee whenever you feel it is necessary. 

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