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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Why Sell Quality Products
by Sylvyr Ravyn

Why Sell Quality Products  


Call the Sales Department at 800-398-7802 to receive your one time promotional purchase


Sun Fashion Designs has the lowest prices and the highest quality in the Industry. Our jewelry is easy and fun to sell. We can help you manage your investment to your very best economic advantage. Call a product specialist to help you choose the largest selection of the fastest selling products for the least investment. Even those with little or no sales experience can easily sell our quality jewelry. The Promotional Offer below will help YOU GET STARTED. Each piece of jewelry comes with a beautiful lifetime guarantee certificate. The price of gold is beyond $1,425. An ounce and silver is moving above $24 an ounce. This means millions of customers are NO LONGER BUYING expensive fine jewelry. Your customer is looking for the affordable, quality products that Sun Fashion Designs carries. Consumer purchases of the precious metals have declined by 38%. These millions of consumers are now your customer. This means the consumer is looking for less expensive, but quality product. These are the Sun Fashion Designs products. Join the thousands of vendors who are profiting from their investments in Sun Fashion Designs products. It is easy and fun! Your customers will keep coming back and will bring you more purchases and more customers.  


Adding a Sun Fashion Designs necklace to your Custom Pendant

Like many of our customers, you might be selling one of your own beautiful custom designed pendants.    You might provide your customers a pendant chain as a promotional item at no charge or at a nominal additional charge. We know your pendant is a beautiful work of art.  We have seen some of these designs, we agree! This is why we are committed to providing you and your customers a pendant chain that will further enhance what you sell.  We know you purchase our chain so that you will not diminish the value of the beauty and excellence you create in your products.  While those of us at Sun Fashion may not possess the creativity of our customers, we have a similar passion to produce a product that will enhance the beauty of your custom product.


Were you to provide an inferior product to go along with your product, imagine the consequences!  Imagine that the customer places the inferior chain on the bathroom sink.  Or the customer forgets and washes the chain. The moisture touches the chain and causes the chain to rust or the coating to wash off.  By association, the consumer now feels the value of your product is less. The best vendors know they must protect their customer base by providing qualityThis is more important than ever and easier to do than ever before.  Quality always brings the customer back!


PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITY     2 Dozen chains at below cost!

We observed that some of our customers have decided to offer additional options with their hand crafted pendants. For example, the 729 and 611 chains in either gold bonded or silver bonded.  To encourage this, our Production department is offering a Special Promotional Opportunity. Below are the actual and Promotional prices. You may choose 2 of the 4 dozen as a one time promotional purchase opportunity. A purchase below cost!!


Both of these chains are the 2 most popular items.  The chain style is of genuine diamond cut Serpentine chain. The 18 inch is the #1 most popular lengths. You can see these chains in the Catalog. See Page 6 for the Gold chains. For the Silver see Page 12. These chains are offered by the dozen in this Promotional Opportunity. 

Call the Sales Department at 800-398-7802 to receive your one time promotional purchase.

Underneath is our Promotional Price EACH DOZEN of chains up to 2 dozen on promotion basis.


We are having a Temporary Price Reduction on any charms shown on pages 56, 57, 58, 60 or 61.  You can get up to 5 dozen of assorted charms Gold or Silver for .50 per piece or per earring.   ACT NOW! This is a great savings! 



These discounts expire 2 wks from the date we recorded sending your catalog.

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