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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Why Sun Fashion Designs jewelry is the best in the World
by Sylvyr Ravyn

Why Sun Fashion Designs jewelry is the best in the World 

A visit to the manufacturing facility and showroom at Sun Fashion Designs 


Whether you visit our manufacturing plant or wait until you purchase your first order, you are in for a treat! When you see our jewelry in person you‘ll understand why so many customers enjoy a marvelous income selling our products.  If you place 2 pieces of jewelry of similar size, style side by side, the consumer will always choose the Sun Fashion Designs product.  Why?  The reasons are obvious when you finally see the products:


Every person who visits our manufacturing facility and sees the jewelry in person offers glowing testimonials to the beautiful color, shine, and depth of color in the gold products. They study the jewelry they are wearing, look back at the Sun Fashion products and realize they are looking at an absolutely extraordinary product.  We hear everyone say, “Why, this looks exactly like the bracelet (the ring, or the necklace) I am wearing!”  The skeptics who are accustomed to selling only solid gold will frown until we place a Figaro chain in their hands.  Then throughout the entire tour they clutch that piece tightly in their hand for fear someone will take it away and they’ll lose the opportunity to purchase such a beautiful value.  The Karatbond, Galaxy, and Sunstar products all boast this beautiful color. 


Our Silvabond silver is also a stunning and elegant looking product. Silvabond is produced using the finest, most pure silver available. We layer a coating of more than 100 mils of ultra fine silver over semiprecious jeweler’s metal.


We often hear unfortunate experiences from individuals who purchased products from other vendors. Or they bring in their products and sigh about how brown or dark or orange or dull their products appear in comparison to the Sun Fashion Designs products.  When you finally purchase our products you will understand the testimonials from current customers, “Sun Fashion Designs jewelry is the best product I have ever purchased and sold and may very well be the best product in the Entire World!


Can I wear the jewelry in the shower, wash it in water?  Yes, and More…!

Offer your customer this: Yes, you can and you should wash the product.  Wear the jewelry and then wash it.  Keep it clean.  Keeping the product clean lengthens the life of the product indefinitely. This astounds your customers and gives them immediate confidence in the product. Encourage your customers to wash the Karatbond, Galaxy, Sunstar and Silvabond products and keep them clean.



SILVER - Use a soft cleaning cloth to clean the Silvabond products.  If the Silvabond products develop a slightly dull finish, or if they have been scratched on your display, use a soft Silver cleaning cloth to buff back their shine.  When it comes to the ropes or serpentine chains, you may see a little tarnish in the crevices of the chains. Place these products in a solution warn water and Dawn detergent. (There may be NO NEED to use a solution of 50% TARNEX and water.)  Leave the Silvabond products in the solution for a mere few seconds.  Rinse them thoroughly in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. You may always request that we coat the Silvabond products in our heavy duty anti-tarnish solution at no additional charge.


GOLD - If the gold bonded products develop a slightly dull finish, place these products in a solution of warm water and a capful of Dawn detergent. Leave the products in the solution for a minute.  Rinse the products thoroughly in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. While it may never be necessary, use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth to clean the Karatbond, Galaxy, and Sunstar products.


Selling the Karatbond, Galaxy, Sunstar and Silvabond products

The Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. products are stunningly beautiful products.  The consumer will often ask you whether the Karatbond, Galaxy, Sunstar and Silvabond products are real.  Take this question as a buying signal and know that our current customers are asked this same question all the time.  Never lose patience with this question. The question indicates your customer’s interest in the product. Answer with a positive reply that the jewelry is a quality, bonded product with a warranty certificate.  Hand the customer both the warranty card and the piece of jewelry to try on.  The Sale is yours!   Some of our vendors invest in a couple pieces of fine gold jewelry.  They show these pieces to those customers who might claim they only ever purchase the precious metals. Once they understand how pricey fine jewelry is today, they are sold on the Sun Fashion Designs jewelry. 


Pricing the Karatbond, Galaxy, Sunstar and Silvabond products

Use our 50% off sign and SALE signs as part of your display.  All of us have difficulty resisting a good sale.  Everyone has difficulty resisting a great sale...  See retail pricing schedule.



Our 125 “Country Club” chain and our 122 Byzantine rope chain are beautifully constructed, beautifully designed chains.  Feature these chains prominently in the center of your display.  These chains are SHOW STOPPERS.  Prepare your display so that it is at eye level to the consumer.  Model your display after those you see in Jewelry store displays.  Create a display that is always beautiful and fresh looking. Change your display often by moving the product around. Your customers do not always notice everything on your display. Moving a product to a more prominent location will suddenly attract the attention of a consumer. Always keep your display well stocked, organized and clean.  The consumer wants to know they are buying 1st quality merchandise of value! They do not want the feeling they are looking at product has been picked over. Practice good merchandising and change your display often.  A piece of jewelry that may not have sold from its position in one display may sell much better from a position in another part of your display.

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