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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
You're at the right place at the right time
by Sylvyr Ravyn




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You are at the right place at the right time! If you are selling or have decided to start selling Gold Bonded or Silver bonded products, you are in the right place.  You have chosen a momentous time in history! As they say, “Brag to your friends.  Demand more respect from the wife and kids! Call your broker!”


Gold is at $1,460 an ounce!  The advantages of selling Gold bonded and Silver bonded products!

The price of gold and silver is climbing quickly and will continue this pace indefinitely. Industry analysts state that gold is being used to gear up various technologies as well as to shore up the infrastructures of various third world countries. The price of silver is now hovering at over $26.00 an ounce. Manufacturers are paying more than $1,550.00 an ounce.  And they are paying 50% more for silver for their Silver Bonding processes.  A few years ago, when the price of gold hovered at $295 an ounce, consumers were just OK with buying fine jewelry.  Today, however, consumers are reluctant to spend the money on fine jewelry, for either themselves or their kids.  The fine jewelers tell us the consumer is not even interested in their sale prices!  A piece of fine jewelry can range from $60.00 to $65.00 a gram at retail. A typical Figaro style bracelet can weigh 35 grams.  This means that the typical 14K Gold Figaro bracelet will cost around $2575.00.  And 14K gold is only 58.3% pure Gold!



Retailers are Profiting more from sales of Gold bonded and Silver bonded products

Our retail customers who initially added just a few pieces of fashion jewelry to their fine gold and silver line have now more than doubled their inventories of our Gold and Silver bonded products. Why? They’ve seen how much more money they can make.  They’re taking in greater profits.  Our customers now understand that their customers and consumers in general, are eager to spend the money on fashion jewelry, and reluctant to spend it on fine gold or silver jewelry. Our retailers are capturing that sale in the $5 to $30 category.  And for sure it’s the Sun Fashion Designs, products they’re going for.   It’s OK to show some pieces of solid gold and silver jewelry to the consumer.  But have ready the gold bonded and silver bonded products for those realistic and value conscious customers.  They are your best customers. Remember, those customers are the ones who will be so happy with the value they received that they will buy for their children and themselves, their extended family and friends, and then recommend you to their friends.  They feel they have received a value from you. 


Sun Fashion Designs’ products are the products consumers choose.

Appeal + Appearance + Durability + Price = Value 


Here’s what’s most important! Sun Fashion Designs’ product has the look and feel of solid gold and silver. Your best customers are those who want to spend money and receive value for their dollar.  They are watching their pennies and looking for quality products with value.  This means they want products that look great, look like fine jewelry and wear well. The consumer is willing to take care of their jewelry if it can meet these standards. SFD products offer all of the factors the consumer is looking for: appealing appearance, durability and price. These three standards mean VALUE! And if the product is abused and does wear, SFD will still honor the unconditional lifetime guarantee.


The Risks of selling the precious metals: fine gold and silver.

The consumer is not yet accustomed to the extraordinary increases in the price of the precious metals, gold and silver.  You can still sell the precious metals but you may note be able to convince the consumer of the higher costs. So, you may not be able to mark up fine gold and silver to compensate for your selling expenses.  So rely on the quality of Sun Fashion Designs’ products, Karatbond, Galaxy, Sunstar and Sterling Silverbond as your products with the best profit margins.


Given the unpredictability of consumers’ tastes, you may have to hold those expensive pieces of fine jewelry in inventory for a long time before they are sold.  You risk physical harm by carrying precious metal products in today’s economy. Theft could wipe out your entire profit of a day, a week, or even a month. Theft is another heart breaking event that could wipe out your profits.


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