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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What shipping method(s) do you use?

      We ship by United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FEDEX) to all areas within the United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico. We also ship to virtually all other countries across the globe; and we ship daily. Please provide a physical shipping address. Generally, we do not ship to Post Office boxes. We do not charge a handling fee. You pay actual shipping charges.

  • How does Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. handle defective products?

      In the event you receive a defective product, please call within 24 of receipt. We will immediately provide a Return Authorization Number. Please keep the packing box and inside packaging materials. Our shipping agents require you show them the box in the event of damage to a package. If necessary, we will process the insurance claim on your behalf. Only packages with a Return Authorization number will be accepted by the Shipping/Receiving Department.

  • Do I need a Resale Tax Number?

      Arizona customers must furnish an Arizona State resale number or pay sales tax with each order. While we may request a Resale Tax ID number, it is not specifically necessary for out of state customers.

  • Can Sun Fashion Designs, make custom Size Chains?

      Since Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. is a Production Factory; special sizes of chains and bracelets in Karatbond and Silvabond are available upon request. Always check our price list before you assemble your own chains. We have made neck chains as long as 72 inches and bracelets as small as 4 ½ inches. All neck chains and bracelets are available in custom sizes. The sizes listed in the price list are those most often requested by customers.
      Please remember that Sun Fashion Designs, Inc also produces Chain by the Inch. We have helped many customers become successful by tailoring a chain by the Inch display specifically for their needs. Chains continue to be added to this collection.

  • Are all items available in both Karatbond gold and Sterling Silvabond silver?

      Yes, since Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. is a production manufacturing facility, all of our products are available in either Karatbond gold or Sterling Silvabond.

  • What is the Actual Size of the products in the SFD catalog?

      All pendants, earrings, charms and chains and bracelets are shown actual size. Detail of design is important to our customers.

  • What can we expect in the Sun Fashion Designs’ products?

      All of our pendants, charms neck chains and bracelets are made from designs and molds that are used to produce pure karat gold and Sterling silver products. The base metal is as soft as pure silver and gold and is as highly polished. You and your customers will appreciate the beautiful and defined detail inherent in the designs of the pendants, charms and chains we produce.

  • What is the quality of Your Cubic Zirconia (CZ) pendants and earrings?

      Our CZ stones are unequaled in brilliance, clarity and color. We use the highest quality polished Cubic Zirconia stones whose characteristics approximate the characteristics of diamonds. Our CZ stones are made using the Russian manufacturing technology. They are the same stones used in fine silver and gold jewelry. They are never cloudy.

      Feel confident presenting their quality and value to your customers. Our CZ earrings are manufactured with either 14Karat gold filled posts or 92.5 pure Sterling Silver posts. Our hoop earrings are manufactured with Surgical Steel. All earring posts are 100% hypo-allergenic.

  • I noticed that the 600 series chains and bracelets are listed in the Price List as being sold by the dozen. Can these chains and bracelets be purchased individually?

      Yes they may be purchased individually. See below also, The Gold plated Chains and bracelets on pages 6 and 7 and the Sterling Silvabond chains on pages 12 and 20 are so inexpensive that they are most often requested by our customers by the dozen. While we are able to sell these items individually, we recommend that you purchase these by the dozen. You will be surprised how rapidly they sell. The 600 series chains and bracelets are also available in popular assortments to help improve the variety of chains you can carry, yet minimize your investment in inventory. See attached Assortment List of 600 Chain Assortments.

  • How do I clean the Sun Fashion Designs products?

      SILVER - Use a soft cleaning cloth to clean the Silvabond products. If the Silvabond products develop a slightly dull finish, or if they have been scratched on your display; use a soft Silver cleaning cloth to buff back their shine. When it comes to the ropes or serpentine chains, you may see a little tarnish in the crevices of the chains. Place these products in a solution warn water and Dawn detergent. (There may be NO NEED to use a solution of 50% TARNEX and water.) Leave the Silvabond products in the solution for a mere few seconds. Rinse them thoroughly in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. We always coat the Silvabond products in our heavy duty anti-tarnish solution at no additional charge. GOLD - If the gold bonded products develop a slightly dull finish, place these products in a solution of warm water and a capful of Dawn detergent. Leave the products in the solution for a minute. Rinse the products thoroughly in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. While it may never be necessary, use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth to clean the Karatbond gold, and Silver bond silver filled products.

  • What selling techniques can you tell me about to help me sell the Sun Fashion Designs products?

      The Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. products are stunningly beautiful products. The consumer will often ask you whether the Karatbond and Silvabond products are real. Take this question as a buying signal and know that our current customers are asked this same question all the time. Never lose patience with this question. The question indicates your customer’s interest in the product. Answer with a positive reply that the jewelry is a quality, bonded product with a warranty certificate. Hand the customer both the warranty card and the piece of jewelry to try on. The Sale is yours! Some of our vendors invest in a couple pieces of fine gold jewelry. They show these pieces to those customers who might claim they only ever purchase the precious metals. Once they understand how pricey fine jewelry is today, they are sold on the Sun Fashion Designs jewelry. At the time of your first order, we will help you with pricing the jewelry. We will also explain the “Showstopper” technique.

  • Unpaid Invoices

      If, in the remote event, a customer does not pay an invoice that is due, SFD will refer the unpaid invoice to a collection agency. Customer agrees to pay the fees of the Collection Agency, in addition to the unpaid Invoice balance, as well as any legal, court, or attorney’s fees incurred in collection process. This can amount to over 100% of the original invoice amount.