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Additional Information
Another term for silver bonded is silver plating. However, not all silver plating is the same. All of our products are bonded twice with 100 layers of pure Sterling Silver and then a layer of heavy-duty anti-tarnish. We bond a full 100 mils on all of our registered silver bonded products. Our silver bonding is performed with exactitude in the United States to control its quality. Most manufacturers use a single step process. While there are no Federal standards in this arena, our 3 step process as well as our Lifetime Certificate is your assurance that our registered silver bonded products will last you a lifetime. The final and most important test is customer satisfaction for the last 34 years.
BCH6089 Sterling Silver Bonded Multi-Color Stretch Bracelet
Item SKU BCH6089
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Product Information
Our designers are so excited to bring this bracelet to you. You will enjoy looking for outfits to accessorize this gorgeous bracelet. Colors of light amethyst, pale green, sky blue and dusty rose pink are artistically combined to create a stunning effect. While the colored stones are not arranged in a repeating pattern around the bracelet, each combination of colors on one side is a mirror image of the colors on the opposite side. And what beautiful colors they are. You are a lady, a princess, a baby doll, a fairy, radiant in the sparkling colors of this gorgeous bracelet.

Metal Finish: Silver Plated
Approx. Weight: .04 lbs.

Availability: Unless otherwise specified in the inventory estimate or elsewhere in the description, this item is available to ship immediately.