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Additional Information
Another term for gold bonded is gold plating. However, not all gold plating is the same. All of our products are bonded with layers of gold, the first layers of pure 24k gold, the next layers of pure 14k gold. So, the concentration of gold on all of our products is a 24k concentration, yet with the highly marketable color of 14k gold. Our gold bonding is done with exactitude in the United States to control its quality. Sun Fashion Designs is one of the few manufacturers in the country whose quality control standards of gold bonding meets or exceeds Federal standards. The inclusion of our Lifetime Certificate with each gold bonded piece is your assurance of our consistency in meeting these Federal standards.
SET9 Gold Sunburst with Marquis Cut earrings, Pendant and Necklace Set
This set includes:
Earrings - 2984
Pendant - P778
Chain - 32518G

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Product Information
This set includes a pendant, necklace, earring and velvet box. The diamond cut contemporary pendant chain included in this set is the pendant chain for the millennium. The Cubic Zirconias in this set are 5A Grade. The display box is a jewelry store style satin hinged velvet box.

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