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Additional Information
Please call 800-398-7802 to ask about custom starter kits. If you already have our ring stamping machine, then you can use the same stamps you already have. This machine can also be converted to accept stamps from other manufacturers
SRMACPEN2 Pendant Stamping Machine With Automatic Spacing
Reference Retail Price: $1,399.00
Base Wholesale Price: $499.00
This item is available for as low as $499
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Product Information
This machine controls the spacing for you, it is designed to perfectly space the letters of the stamps we sell. When you stamp the first letter, the sliding plate locks into place where the second letter should be stamped. If you want a space between words, then you move the sliding plate twice. The automatic spacing feature CAN be removed from the machine, and the machine can be converted back to manual spacing; The plate can be placed onto the machine at any time to convert the machine back to automatic spacing again..
Approx. Weight: 12 lbs.

Availability: Unless otherwise specified in the inventory estimate or elsewhere in the description, this item is available to ship immediately.