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The items on this page are some of the "MINI" pendants in our collection. These items, while they are gold or silver plated, are made with the same exquisite detail as you will see in 14K gold or 925 Sterling Silver pendants.

Designers are redefining jewelry fashion.

Since this Spring, Tiffany and other major designers have been showing smaller petite gold pendants.
You can find pendants like these with the same exquisite detail being worn by major celebrities and in the stores of well-known jewelry stores.
More pendants available; call for more information!

"My boyfriend gave me an amazing present (from Sun Fashion Designs}...Beautiful necklace with these...interchangeable charms he picked ...of things I love. Absolutely love it!"- J.M.

Made with Karatbond Gold to last a lifetime. Sell for up to 10 times mark-up,
You will never tire of customers asking, "Is this real?" All items are available in either Gold or Silver.Designers are redefining jewelry fashion.

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