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Wholesale Starter Kits

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Additional Information
Chains Included
GC658 - Gold Filled Figaro Thin Chain
GC959 - Gold Filled Diamond Cut Italian Curb Chain
GC956 - Gold Filled Diamond Cut Twisted Chain
GC963 - Gold Filled Italian Figaro Chain
GC980 - Gold Filled Designer Scroll Chain

SBC127 - Silver Filled Figaro 3+1 Chain
SBC161 - Silver Filled Eternity Chain
SBC163 - Silver Filled Stylish Urban Link Chain
SBC145 - Silver Filled Metro Style Chain
SBC150 - Silver Filled Gucci Mariner Chain

B703G Gold Filled Hook Clasp M
B705G Gold Filled Chain Tab (w/SFD logo)
B706G Gold Filled extra small claw lobster
E225G Gold Filled 6mm Lobster Clasp
E224G Gold Filled 5mm Lobster Clasp EACH

B705S Silver Filled Chain tab (w/SFD logo)
B706S Silver Filled extra Small Claw Lobster
B730SB Silver Filled Fold-over Clasp

E202 1/8" OD 0.028 Wire Gold Filled J-Ring
E207 1/8" .128 .029 Wire Silver Filled J-Ring

B811 Karatbond Quality Tags 24 pieces

Additional Items
Mall Approved Sign Karatbond Gold by the Inch
Mall Approved Sign Sterling Silvabond by the Inch
Gold & Silver Chain Starter Kits
All in One Starter Kit for Chain by the Inch
Item SKU KIT03
Reference Retail Price: $4,866.54
Base Wholesale Price: $384.82
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All in One Starter Kit
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Product Information

Kit Includes:
1. 5 Spools of 150 Inch Silver Chain

2. 5 Spools of 150 Inch Gold Chain

2. All findings (claps, jump-rings, tags)
3. For Sale signs 2 signs

4. Point of Purchase Signs ($100 dollar value)

5. Lifetime Guarantees!

6. Expandable Display Coupon 40% Off!
(Holds up to 35 spools of chain)

The chains include the following styles: Gucci, Singapore, Italian Curb, Scroll, Patterned Nugget, Loose French Rope, Figaro and more.

Additional Tools and Displays (not included)
1. Jewelry Wire Cutters (E950)
2. Jewelry Pliers (E953)
3. Expandable Display (E400).
Display can be expanded to hold up to 35 spools

We care about making our customers money! So we have priced our kits at an all time low to enable our customers to get their businesses started.

The finest silver plated Chain by the Inch. Made here in the United States.

Approx. Weight: 20 lbs.

Availability: Unless otherwise specified in the inventory estimate or elsewhere in the description, this item is available to ship immediately. Allow 24 business hours for delivery.