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Crystal Birthstone Rings
Every Month + Several Other Colors
Item SKU SBR601
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Product Information
Sun Fashion Designs Crystal Rings

Introducing our Birthstone Crystal Rings, available for all your customers flashy styles!
From January to December, never fret about a color or ring, we have all the rings you need. Our crystal rings will make any stamped ring look amazing and also look stunning by themselves!

Birthstone Colors Available

Sizes 5-9 in all colors

Turn a ordinary stamping ring into a guardami, regarde moi, Mírame (Look at me, Look at me, Look at me).

Contact us today to order your Crystal Rings! They are going out fast!

Discount if you Buy a Set $1.94 a peice - 60 Rings

Write in the Gift Message which months and Sizes you want if not a set.