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Refund Policy

Below is our refund policy Revised 12 13 2015 to accompany all invoices . 
Unless otherwise noted, shipping fees are not refundable. For your protection, please report errors, shortages or defects in an order within 7 business days of the date you received the order. Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. is a manufacturer, and we often manufacture items JUST for you! For this reason, a lot of labor is put into your order and we require 20% to cover the manufacturing if an item(s) is returned. We will, of course, give you Merchandise credit for the return in its original packaging. In some cases, We pay Expedite fees to rush an order at your request. Part of the 25% restocking fee is required to cover these fees. Please call us so we can provide you with the return authorization number. Please write the Return Authorization Number you are given on the box.   Please return any authorized return so that it is received within 5 calendar days of your receipt of the goods.  We are not able to allow the use or trial of any product. For your protection, use Declared Value insurance. Please be sure all returned product is in fresh and clean condition in its original packaging. (This policy relates to health regulations.) Please also see the Return Policy that accompanies the invoice. These policies are in accordance with the rules of all Credit Card issuing banks.
All sales are final. This includes sales of any and all equipment. Some of our jewelry is made in custom sizes for you and we invest a great deal of time in this effort. Since we incur the upfront manufacturing costs at our manufacturing facility, we require you to pay us upfront as well. 
Replacements: If, within the 7 day period, you request a replacement of an item, we will replace the item as soon as possible. The following policy is in accordance with the rules of all Credit Card issuing banks. Please return the original item that we replaced. If within this time period, there is a problem with equipment, Sun Fashion Designs will pay for UPS Ground shipping if the error occurs within the 7 day time period. If you do not return the original item within the agreed time period, this is an indication that you are keeping the item. We are therefore within the scope of the credit card processing rules and we will charge your credit card for the replacement item. You also agree to return the merchandise or equipment using insured UPS Ground shipping.  
If the jewelry you receive is damaged in transit when you use United Parcel Service (UPS) as a carrier, please retain all interior and exterior packaging. Please report the damage within 2 business days. We will apply for the insurance to cover the loss. If you have chosen to use United States Postal Service (USPS) as a carrier, we will still assist you in applying for the loss. However, you may have to pursue the claim with your local USPS office. They may require documentation from you in the formof a letter and photo. You may be asked to show the damage to a representative of the carrier. You may be asked to return the damaged merchandise to us to show the insurance company. Insurance claims may take as long as 21 days to resolve.